Kenion Sector 1 - A

The A.I.

The strange Alien on the screens turned out to be even stranger than any of the survivors could of Imagined, the alien turned out not be be a flesh and blood alien but an ancient A.I the last of a set that guarded the ship for the A.I. claims to be millions of cycles. The A.I.’s name when transaltes to “Michael custos et lumen bastion furoris caeli”, or in english Michael the guardian of light and bastion of the fury of heaven. Which Henery shortened to Michael. The Ships name was the wayfarer of light it was formerly a heavy cruiser in service to the Imperial Navy till the breakout of the Second Kenion Rebellion when it rebelled and joined the rebellion. The ship was striped and was sent to an extensive retrofit, or as the survivors found out being rebuilt, rearranging the ship and even adding two decks.

The Ship was still in dry dock when the Crystalis bombs where denoted. The ship’s workers abounded it and left it to be consumed, but the A.I.’s 5 in total took control of the ship. The ship was barely outfitted, most decks only half completed, some sealed to normal access. This was coupled with only three physical bodies, an android and two Holographic constructs, these AIs where not joined and created great conflict.

The ship survived against all odds, and endured for what the AI describes as millions of years, jumping in and out of various different systems and regions of space in search of the cause they joined. They never found the rebellion but they found many a fight, this was evident by the battle scars of the ship, at most parts barely hanging together. Micheal talks for long periods of time about these battles, like a old solider reliving his glory days. The ship appears to at one time been heavily armed including a complement of nearly 180 Nova missiles, but per the A.I’s report only 17 remain. The AI finds that the survivors are not Kenion but appear to be by most scans, but relieved to have a crew again asks one of the survivors for orders, calling him Captian….


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