Kenion Sector 1 - A

The beganing

The brave survivors that where fleeing earth after the Tartian invasion where aboard the The Distant Dawn fleeing the fast pursuing fleets. Separated from the rest of the exodus fleet the Distant dawn has been playing a cat a mouse game with their pursuers for the last two years. The survivors where split into two groups the sleepers, and those whom remained awake. Those whom remained awake learned how to adapt to the new realities of the universe they live in. Learning and growing the group of survivors where happy to break the daily regimen of life by taking a trip to the bridge. The survivors fell asleep and awoke in hyper sleep chambers, not knowing how they got there. Taking their surroundings the group found Henery with them and a damaged room. After finding out the ship was about to vent its atmosphere the survivors made a mad dash to a repair bay where they fought their way through Nerkesh scavengers and aboard a cobra class gunship and blasted their way off the Distant dawn. Just in the knack of time as the distant dawn vented her atmosphere and jumped to an unknown location with her precious cargo of sleepers still in their unending slumber. The survivors now aboard an adrift vessel make the realization that the vessel is missing a vital fuel to bring the FTL drive online now stuck in deep space, the survivors plot a course till the next star and try to signal help. What will happen to the brave survivors stuck in the unending void ?


chevy_josselyn1 chevy_josselyn1

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