Kenion Sector 1 - A

The Ship

The survivors where hopelessly stranded in deep space, with no piryte to fuel the vortex reactor the ship could not enter FTL. Stuck with the choice of give up, plot a course to the next system using sub-light speeds or attempt get assistance from others. The survivors constructed a crude hyper-wave transmitter. This was an Length task which involved grueling situations about the Cobra but at last they constructed the transmitter. With a new found sense of hope the survivors powered up the transmitter and hoped for help. After a week trying they finally got an answer but not the one they where hopping for, they where caught in a tractor beam by a junker ship whom had no regard for their lives. Not wanting to go down without a fight the survivors powered their weapons systems and attempted to blast their would be executioner to pieces. This caused the systems to shut off, due to some fine programming by one of the survivors the transmitter kicked into over drive and started draining all of the power aboard the cobra. Killkenny jumped into action and disabled the transmitter when they restored power they saw the junker burning in space. Overjoyed for a moment the crew was about to be happy when they realized that both they almost collided with a second ship and their weapons could not of done that much damage. Then they where hailed by the second ship, with a starkly alien face instructing them to land. The face was human in appearance until you found the deep obsidian like eyes, the long pointed ears and the unnerving stillness of the face. The survivors agreed to land, then the cobra was taken over by the ship and landed in their area. What lays in wait in the ship, is the alien friend or foe? .


chevy_josselyn1 chevy_josselyn1

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